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We have 3,712,875 records, 33,576,955 submissions, and 1,486,787 contributors. If you are using Super CAPTCHA Pro, there are 3,086,111 identified spam bots automatically blocked. We have identified approximately 83% of submitted unique IP's as spamers. There are 224,264 IPs are pending deletion unpon expiry. The average expiry date for IPs pending deletion is April 18, 4053 @ 6:37 am, the first is on December 9, 2019 @ 12:00 pm, and the last will be on August 22, 6115352 @ 6:10 am. The last report filed was only 00 hrs, 00 mins, 52 secs ago. Super CAPTCHA Pro is blocking 11,703,798 spamers per minute.

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